Stephanie Leigh Jewelry, made by hand with the spirit in mind, is more than just jewelry. It is a way of life: a lifestyle utilizing salvaged, repurposed and recycled materials to create brilliant works of art to be worn every day.
I started making jewelry in my younger years quickly piling up beads and pendants on my mom's dining room table. I guess that is where you could say it all began. The history of the pendants, the craft behind the handmade beads and the metaphysical properties of gemstones sparked an obsession that would lead to my life calling as a jewelry designer. 
Always an artist at heart, I was a quirky child who saught refuge in creation and writing with a large need of self expression and an adventurous spirit. I have had a passion for color, and a desire to create since I can remember and I feel that is reflected in my designs
I currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia where I make and manufacture each piece of jewelry in my home studio. To reduce the carbon footprint, each piece is handmade using 100% recycled material. The leather strap on each necklace is ethically sourced from salvaged furniture scrap remnants, while each glass bead is crafted one at a time from villages throughout Ghana using recycled glass bottles. The brass adornments and spacers featured in my designs are crafted from upcycled and discarded scrap brass. Staying environmentally conscious with sustainability on the mind serves as a reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. 
My appreciation for the handmade community and the arts has led me to my calling as the artist and owner of Stephanie Leigh Jewelry. You can purchase my work directly on my website or from carefully curated stores that I supply to listed on my retailers page. You may also find me at local artist markets and art shows where I showcase my work. Stay tuned to my events page where you will find upcoming events and outings to shop local.