Stephanie Leigh was born a quirky, left-handed artist, and that her artist heart has only grown throughout her life. She was an adventurous child who sought refuge in creation and writing, with a large need for self-expression. She has had a desire to create her entire life, which is reflected in her designs.

She is passionate about sustainability. With every design, she considers: What can be reused? What can be repurposed? How can this be multifunctional?

She also has a passion for color. While studying at Savannah College of Art and Design, her attention quickly honed in on composition and color theory, both of which feature prominently in Stephanie Leigh Jewelry.

With these values, it’s no surprise that every piece of Stephanie Leigh Jewelry is made by hand. Stephanie takes pride in personally crafting each piece from start to finish, using beads from recycled bottles, repurposed leather sourced from scrap remnants, and upcycled brass.

Stephanie’s creative process is a practice of meditation and intention, from numerical sequences in the beadwork to the gradient colors of beads. She is constantly creating from the heart and her spirit is reflected in each piece of Stephanie Leigh Jewelry. 


Personal Statement: 

I am a artist with a huge heart and was given the gift of overflowing love. I always want to gift that love in my designs. Creating a piece of jewelry that can felt deeply is vitally important to me. When people say, “This feels like getting a hug from a necklace,” I know I’ve succeeded in creating a tactile connection between them and their adornment.

I love repurposing with recycled and upcycled materials. Knowing how much beauty and inspiration they can create brings me so much joy.

“Mega” (my grandma) is my inspiration and influence. While raising 5 children as a single mother, she continued to be a prolific artist, crafting and painting with repurposed materials. She recycled everything in her craft; she taught me the importance of reusing materials in every way possible.

She also instilled the importance for me to seek out ways to express my creativity. Every weekend she would teach me how to thrift or bargain shop on an extremely limited budget, and then we would spend the rest of the afternoon crafting away. She was very in tune with her creative side and showed me safe and healthy to express emotions and find sanctuary in the arts.

contact: jewelry.stephanieleigh@gmail.com