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VoyageATL Interview

Posted by Stephanie Peebles on

Made by hand with the spirit in mind; is the Stephanie Leigh Jewelry way of life. With each design, I incorporate globally sourced fair trade beads, salvaged leather, and spiritual symbols and pendants. My signature design, the Krobo necklace, is like getting a hug from a necklace. I have cut the leather with specific measurements so that the beads lay flat instead of hanging so they feel comforting, and not heavy. They have also been referred to as the anti-anxiety necklace by number of my customers. The recycled glass beads are soothing and the leather is repurposed.

Making it ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and sustainable. I even have a Vegan line, to appeal to every market. Due to the precise measurements, hand setting eyelets and snaps, bead stringing, I have a three day production time that yields between 20 and 30 necklaces a week. These are my small batch of labors of love. And I take pride in personally crafting each and every single one from start to finish.

I sometimes have to pinch myself to wake up from the dream I am living. I am constantly creating from the heart and my spirit is reflected in each piece I make. I am finally living a lifestyle that I am proud of, managing my own blooming business and maintaining faith that I am right where I need to be. I live with the understanding that everything that has happened in my life up until this point, led me to the divine path I am walking on now.

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